X-50 Freedom Fighter

Aircraft Name:X-50 Freedom Fighter

Type Aircraft:Hyperspace Fighter

Country of Origin:USA

Armaments:Temperature Seeking Sidewinders,Dual 20mm Wing Machine Guns,Dual Bow .50 Caliber Machine Guns

Defenses:Diamantium/Vibrantium Alloy,Defense Fields

Special Devices:Shield Generator,Cloaking Device

Introduced In:2012

Service Length:2012-Present

Used By:The Black Beret Corps

Created By:Furey Technologies


By the year 2012,The Black Beret Corps was in need of a fighter to take on extraterrestrial invaders,So by this same year,Furey Technologies answered their prayers with the X-50,Which many pilots called the "Freedom Fighter" because of the fact if any extraterrestrials did invade,This fighter would shine the light of freedom on them,As well as pave the way for the future.The X-50 was used by the Black Berets against the Neonian invasion forces that were attacking the US and other countries and soon were led by Alpha Wolf and the USS Hyperbird to victory. By the year 2135 (During World War 3), the X-50 saw action against the V-10 Warpstar and was proven to be a powerful opponent against it's german rival.