Walther P38
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Manufacturer Walther Arms
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The Walther P38 is a semi-automatic pistol that was patented and manufactured by Nazi Germany during World War 2, to replace many of the pistols used during that time.


Before the start of World War 2, the Nazis couldn't manufacture the P08 Luger due to the complexity the weapon's hammer and action. By 1938, the Nazis had developed a new pistol that was more cheap to make and was very reliable, this pistol was the Walther P38.

Present DayEdit

The Walther P38 has seem some action in the present day world as well, even after 70 years of service this pistol is still a fine piece of machinery in the arsenal of the world. The Austrian military replaced the P38 with the new and improved Glock Pistol, however this weapon is still very muched used by military forces.

Note: Colonel Klaus Von Adalard uses this same pistol against foes in any ambushes that are made by his enemies.