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V-10 Warpstar

Aircraft Name:V-10 Warpstar

Type Aircraft:Vertical Ascending Fighter and Interceptor

Maximum Velocity:Mach 5

Country of Origin:Germany

Armaments:Dual MG-90,Neural Interface Remote Helmet Guided Missile System,Heatseaking Missiles

Defenses:Defense Fields,Titanrium Alloy

Special Devices:Cloaking Device,Thermal Guiding Missile System,

Introduced In:2135

Service Length:2135-Present

Manufactured By:Heinkel Horten

Used By:Luftwaffe SS (4th Reich of Germany)

Wars Used:World War 3


By 2134, the new Nazi Reich of Germany was coming into power and the new Fuhrer Johann Wolfgang has made the order clear, to make a new Wehrmacht,Waffen SS, Luftwaffe and other branches of the old Nazi reign. By 2135, Fuhrer Wolfgang had ordered the the creation of a new fighter for the new Luftwaffe SS. Several prototypes were made, however they were all failed experiments. Heinkel Horten was the one to create the V-10 fighter plane that was branded as the fighter for the new Luftwaffe.