• That all of your fanfictions are pretty bad. Like, really bad. So-bad-I'm-laughing-and-cringing-in-a-skype-call-with-my-friends-at-3-in-the-morning bad. Every single one of them is exactly the same. Some generic, over-powered, self-insertion, married, Catholic character is part of a super duper cool and unique army guy group with every super power in the entire world, and they've served in every war and killed every clone and relative of Wesker and every B.O.W. ever because theyre' just sooooooooo cool with all their immunity, imortality, super strength, psychic powers, super agility, perfect aim with dual-weild weapons, and their entire arsenals of overly customized and special, non-standard issue weapons.

    Can you actually try to make a character that isn't a Mary Sue with the entire arsenal of Cawwadoody Bwak Awps at their disposal? Because I'm really starting to think that's literally physically impossible for you. Every last one of your stories are the same because of this (except the one where Alex Mercer boned his sister not-claire).

    It's all these impossibly talented and flawless protagonist army guy groups going in, killing literally everything in sight without enduring any casualties, then they get married on the beach.

    Also, the New Amazonian group or whatever is cringe-inducing at best. Because obviously taking screenshots from pornos of barely covered, vaguely-profession-themed objectified women makes for GREAT characterization, I mean, after all, all you need to do is give them an IQ of 300 and mastery of every firearm ever along with every super power ever. Remember that time it was a safe and tactical decision to enter a battle zone in the nude? Neither do I.

    TRY to write something good, you seem to like writing a lot. Don't waste it on all of these laughably bad excuses of self-projection power fantasy Cawwadoody-meets-Rezdint Ebil crossovers. Stop wasting your efforts on all of these so-perfect-they're-fucking-boring-and-predictable, flawless characters. There's a reason why Super Man is the least interesting super hero and nobody cares about him.


    - za warudo

    P.S. get free speech'd on

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