Thompson M1928
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  • Auto-Ordnance Company (Originally)
  • The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited
  • Colt Manufacturing Company
  • Savage Arms
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    The Thompson M1928 is one of the most well known submachine guns in the world and was manufactured from 1921-1971.


    The Thompson M1928 was a Submachine Gun invented and manufactured by John T. Thompson and made a name for itself during the prohibition era. The Thompson went by many names like the "Chicago Typewriter", "The Tommy Gun" and "The Chopper". It was a highly popular weapon with Mafia members like Al Capone. The weapon was, like the Thompson M1928A1, used by the Allied Forces during World War 2, however the Axis-Powers such as the Nazis used these like the Colt M1911 pistols whenever they captured them. By the Vietnam War, the United States used this weapon for close quarters combat. By 1971, many of these and the A1 model Thompsons were destroyed by the United States.

    Present DayEdit

    Even though most of these weapons are gone, the Thompson is used by the people who would want to squeeze off a few rounds and or to hunt with in the day, however the weapon that is given to the general public is a semi-automatic version of the weapon.