Silver Bullets
Silver Bullets
Vital statistics
Manufacturer Various
Parent Case Various
Case Type Various
Bullet Diameter Various
Neck Diameter Various
Shoulder Diameter Various
Base Diameter Various
Rim Diameter Various
Rim Thickness Various
Case Length Various
Overall Length Various
Rifling Twist Various
Primer Type Various
Maximum Pressure Various
Bullet Weight/Type Various
Silver Bullets are a specific type of Ammunition designed and made by different people all over the world.


Silver Bullets originated after the creation of firearms during the 17th century; which was the time when they utilized silver tipped arrows against Werewolves, Vampires and Demons. When using firearms on the modern battlefield; people began to realize that bullets could be created out of Silver.

When being introduced in the war against the dead and damned; these bullets were proven to be the most effective weapons; alongside that of Silver Stakes and other weapons.

Present DayEdit

To this very day; silver bullets have been utilized by many factions over the world. The Vatican has utilized them; as well as the Black Beret Corps. Alpha Wolf is known to have a ton of these at his house; just in case he's ever attacked by Vampires, Demons, Werewolves or anything else that can't stand silver.

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