Colt M-16A1

Primary Weapon:Colt M-16A1

A Primary Weapon is a weapon that is larger than a Sidearm and can be a Submachine Gun,Shotgun,Sub Assault and or Assault Rifles that are used for firepower.Every soldier of The Black Beret Corps is issued a primary weapon as well as ammunition for that said weapon.A Sidearm can also be a Primary Weapon as well.


As said before,A sidearm can also be a primary as well as a backup weapon.It's good for quick draw and manuverability.

Assault RiflesEdit

Assault Rifles are weapons that are chambered in ammunitions from the 5.56x45mm NATO-7.62x39-51mm NATO.It also has a select fire option (Semi-Automatic,3 Shot Burst,Full-Automatic).

Submachine GunsEdit

The Submachine Gun is a weapon that is chambered in pistol ammunition,Ranging in cartridges from a 9x19mm Parabellum-5.7.

  • MP40
  • MP18
  • MP5
  • Thompson M1928/Thompson M1928A1
  • FN P90


A Shotgun is a weapon that is chambered in shells that range from 10-20 Gauge shotgun shells that fire different kinds of ammo in each shell.

Sub Assault RifleEdit

A Sub Assault Rifle is a weapon that is chambered in hybridized ammunition that have the length of an Assault Rifle ammo with the width of a Submachine Gun ammo and vice versa.