Nanobots Treating Bloodcells

Nanotechnology is a technology that was developed by Furey Technologies in the year 2025. The concepts of this technology has been the subject of many aspects of science fiction and fantasy.

Developing the New TechnologyEdit

Nanotechnology was known for the theories of medicine and even warfare. By 2026, Alpha Wolf was so determined that he could make nanobots that he stayed in his lab for 2 weeks until he finally perfected his creation. The nanobot was later unveiled to the Directors of the CDC and when they saw that the new technology worked, he was given the right to patent his new invention and with the help of Furey Technologies, they manufactured trillions of new nanobots that were distributed to the world's hospitals and medical centers.


The concepts for nanotechnology and medicine is in an all time green zone for many. It has been said that nanobots can be a cure for cancer and sooner or later other diseases that our natural immune system simply just can't fight off. They are also known to repair lost and damaged tissue within the body at a fast rate of speed. Nanobots are one of the best things that could make a very ill body, a perfectly healthy body with speed and effort.


The other application for nanotechnology is the application for warfare. The theories behind nanobots is that if used with weapons, they are known to eat through solid metal and anything else unless they are deactivated by an app available to the people who are using them as a weapon, (Mainly the military). The possession of these in civilian hands is punishable by imprisonment for 6-12 years.