The Hazmat Unit is a soldier and researching division of The Black Beret Corps, in the study of foreign contaminants and the team who determines if a quarantine is needed within the secret laboratories of Area 51. There are only 2 kinds of Hazmat Soldiers, one specializing in research and the other for quarantine and combat.

Research Hazmat UnitEdit

Hazmat Unit

Hazmat Unit

A Researcher Hazmat Unit is a unit that specializes in the analysis of foreign materials and contaminants. They usually are the ones who issue the order to establish a quarantine whenever a foreign material or contagion escapes the labs. These units are also known to wield a Sidearm as a Primary Weapon that gives them an edge if they ever needed it and are also given Ammunition as well.

Sidearms of ChoiceEdit

Hazmat Combat UnitEdit

Hazmat Soldiers

Hazmat Combat Soldiers

The Hazmat Combat Unit are Hazmat Units that are known to enforce any kind of quarantine or epidemic that may break out in Area 51. Anyone who attempts to leave will be shot on sight by them in order to prevent any outbreaks in nearby towns or cities. They are known to be equipped with Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sub Assault Rifles, Shotguns and even Pistols.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit