Hand Gernade 2

Fragment Gernade:Hand Gernade Variant

A Hand Grenade is a small explosive that will go off when the ringpin on either side is pulled and the grenade is thrown.It also includes a small safety trigger that will not allow the grenade to explode,Unless the person releases and throws it.There are also other kinds of grenades as well.The Black Beret Corps issues several grenades each to their soldiers for them to use on the battlefield.

Fragment GrenadeEdit

A Fragment Grenade is an explosive type of hand grenade that is thrown after the ringpin is pulled.It is known to injure or kill anyone near it.

Smoke GrenadeEdit

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade

A Smoke Grenade is a different type of hand grenade that is used by soldiers to make a smoke screen so that enemy soldiers can't see where they are going next.These are also good for signaling landing zones and even reinforcements.


Flashbang GrenadeEdit

Flashbang Grenade

Flashbang Grenade

A Flashbang Grenade is a hand grenade that is used by the military to blind any soldier too close to it when it goes off,Giving the soldiers on the other side the advantage.

Gas GrenadesEdit

Gas Grenade

Gas Grenade

The Gas Grenade is a hand grenade used for Riot control and many kinds of gas can be used,Mustard and Tear.

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