Colt Magma

Furey Magma

        Weapon Name:Furey Magma

Type Weapon:Voice Commanded Self Loading Semi-Automatic Pistol

Manufacturer:Furey Technologies

Country of Origin:USA

Caliber:.45 ACP Special

Mag Capacity:15-20 Round Magazine

Introduced In:2013

Service Length:2013-Present

Users:Alpha Wolf,


The Black Beret Corps was in need of a pistol, a pistol that could fire an ammunition that was 1500 degrees when it was fired from it. Furey Technologies eventually came out with a pistol completely composed of Diamantium which is resistant to extremely high heat, naming it the Furey Magma.

Present DayEdit

The Furey Magma is a well known pistol that the Black Berets rely on to kill any kind of enemy with destructive results. Alpha Wolf is known to wield one of these pistols as well because he enjoys utilizing such a weapon.