Weapon Name:FR-40

Type Weapon:Security Select Fire Rifle

Country of Origin:USA

Caliber:7.62x51mm NATO (FR-40),5.56x45mm NATO (FR-40A1),30-06 (FR-40A2)

Mag Capacity:30 Round Magazine, 50-100 Round Drum

Introduced In:2013

Service Length:2013-Present

Manufacturer:Furey Technologies


The FR-40 is an M14 Variant rifle manufactured by Furey Technologies that is used by The Black Beret Corps as either a security or secondary rifle for men to use in case there are any problems with their other weapons. It also has other variants as well, each one has a semi-Automatic, 3 Round Burst and even Full-Automatic fire, however the other variants use different rounds of ammo like the 5.56x45mm NATO (FR-40A1) and the 30-06 (FR-40A2).