Dugway Proving Grounds
Dugway Proving Grounds
Country Located: USA
  • Chemical Weapon Experimentation (1941-1947)
  • Experimentation with Alien Technology (1947-Present)
  • Leader(s): Gen. Michael Owens
  • Greg Finnigan
  • Deacon Jones

  • Dugway Proving Grounds is a military base that is located in Utah. It was created back in 1941 to experiment with chemical weapons created by the United States on the year that America declared war on Japan during World War 2. The facility was later used to distribute new and advanced technology to the people of America and the world. Both this base and Area 51 are bases used by the Black Beret Corps.


    By the 1960's, 13 years after the Roswell Incident, Area 51 was bought a crashed spacecraft which in turn was rebuilt, tested and reverse engineered to make new pieces of technology. Dugway Proving Grounds later was given the new devices and then they started distributing the designs to the many corporations of the world.