Colt Python

Colt Python

Weapon Name:Colt Python

Type Weapon:Double-Action Revolver

Country of Origin:USA

Caliber:.357 Magnum

Mag Capacity:6 Round Cylinder

Introduced In:1955

Service Length:1955-1999



The Colt Python Revolver was manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut, back in 1955 and was made through until 1999. The revolver was was once made, chambered in a 38 Colt Special and eventually the weapon was chambered in a .357 Magnum.

Present DayEdit

The Colt Python was manufactured until 1999 and is a rare weapon to own. It has also been the collected by many celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Hussian I owned them.Some members of The Black Beret Corps utilize this weapon as well as a sidearm.

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