Welcome to the Black Beret Corps WikiEdit

The Black Berets are a secret Military organization, that specializes in the investigations of the Paranormal and Supernatural, anyone can be a Black Beret.

Word of NoticeEdit

If people think this is a conspiracy theory wiki, this is to let you know it isn't, it is merely somewhat real life people in fictional situations,Nothing more, nothing less.

What We Are?Edit

"My name is Wolf Furey, but everyone calls me Alpha Wolf. I am a member of The Black Beret Corps, to most of the general public, this organization is non existant. Our job is simple, we investigate and assess paranormal phenomenon in hopes of discovering it's either peaceful or hostile intentions against many countries of the world. Were basically the first and last defense against the paranormal's evil side." - Alpha Wolf

Terms & ConditionsEdit

Although anyone can be a Black Beret, there are a few terms and conditions to follow before joining.

Terms & ConditionsEdit

  • Anyone who wishes to make a page, must have the use of either real life photos or scanned drawings, videogame characters are not to be placed on this or any other page at anytime. The photos can be photoshopped or altered in paint, other than that, the use of videogame characters is strictly prohibited.
  • If you wish to add something to this wiki, please inform the founder before doing so please. The founder also has the right to change things that are of grammar mistakes and even change minor details on the templates.


  • If the user on this wiki doesn't comply to the use of either real photos or scanned drawings, that user will recieve a 3 day ban, if continued, a 7 day ban.
  • Usually if people are not made aware of asking before proceeding to add items, it is usually overlooked, however if someone is purposely placing pages on without permission, that will lead to a 10 day ban.

Latest activityEdit

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