Beretta M1935
[[Beretta M1935|250px]]
Manufacturer Beretta
Technical Readout
Service Record
Faction Utilization
The Beretta M1935 was another sidearm developed by Beretta a year after the Beretta M1934 came out. It served in World War 2 as a sidearm for the Italian Armed Forces.


Like the Beretta M1934 pistol, the Italians created a pistol that would compete with the German Walther PP and Walther PPK; so they developed the same concept for the Beretta M1935 as they did with the M1934 This his model was issued back in 1937 and the fired a .32 ACP. Unlike the 1934, the 1935 Beretta had a service record of 32 years and was retired back in 1967. 

Present DayEdit

The Beretta M1935 is retired from service; however it is still available for purchase by many civilians throughout the world. Alpha Wolf also possesses one of these pistol in his collection of vintage weapons and he also uses this very pistol as well as his Colt M1911, Walther PPK, Walther P38 and P08 Luger.

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