Beretta M1934
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Manufacturer Beretta
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The Beretta M1934 was the standard issued sidearm of the Italian Armed Forces at the start of 1934. It was designed by the main firearm company of Italy, known as Beretta.


During World War 2, the Italian military issued the Beretta M1934 pistol to many of it's soldiers. The pistol was inspired by the German Walther PPK and so they wanted to keep up with their German Competitors. As a result they came out with this pistol and the Beretta M1935 pistol which came out afterwards.

Present DayEdit

The Beretta M1934 was retired from service back in 1991, but they can still be purchased by the general public.It is also a favored pistol by Alpha Wolf, along with his Colt M1911, Beretta M1935 and even Luger P08 and Walther P38.