Archonian Assault Rifle

Archonian Assault Rifle

The Archonian Assault Rifle is a weapon that has been made and utilized by the Archonian Military of the planet of Borocon 3. It closely resembles Earth's G36 and XM8 Assault Rifles.


Even though it resembles Earth's Assault Weapons, The Archonian Assault Rifle does not use Ammunition like it's Earthly Counterparts do, instead the ammunition is in fact non other than Liquid Diamond which the Archonians have discovered a way to destroy pure diamonds. The magazine houses the Liquid Diamond and it is pushed up every time round leaves the chamber. When a drop of Liquid Diamond enters the reciever, the primer (Which uses electrical plasma), introduces a spark of energy that concentrates the drop into a bolt of energy. The bolt then is pushed out as soon as it's charged and then a new drop is introduced into the reciever. It is unknown how many rounds can be used before reloading, but if ammunition is conserved it can be a very long time before the user has to reload. The bolt exiting the barrel is usually white, however if the Liquid Diamond is combined with food coloring, it can be a different color. The weapon also has a safety and select fire such as Semi-Automatic, 3-5 Round Burst or Full-Automatic fire.


The Archonian Assault Rifle and other Archonian weapons such as the Archonian Heavy Rifle and Archonian Submachine Gun are highly effective and can destroy all by certain metals such as Diamantium and Vibrantium.